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Thread: looking for a program

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    looking for a program

    I'm looking for a sound program that uses a controller interface. I use serato DJ all the time and love the layout of it. I tried ableton live and the learning curve at least for me was large. I've never had any trouble learning a computer program before but for me it was hard... IDK. It just didn't click with me. When i was in college we used a program like garage band and i liked the way it was laid out. When i was in college we were cutting music with audacity and the like... I don't need anything that simple but something in-between that and ableton live would be awesome. Something that i could beat match with and create stuff would be helpful. I do prefer a controller based system too.

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    Sony Acid Pro. Or try the other versions.

    The thing with Ableton is that there are thousands of YouTube videos to help you learn the process and produce music, from beginner lvl to pro.

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