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Thread: Beginners can post a short track here, right?

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    Beginners can post a short track here, right?

    Hello, everyone.

    Being a beginner here, I am not allowed to post in "Tracks submission" section till I have 30 posts. I do not have them yet. However, the forum rules also state that a beginner can post his track in the Beginners section if the track is no longer than 10 minutes. I would like to use this privilege...

    Below is the link to Soundcloud - to a short (radio edit), 3:30 track. It is my remix of Eurythmic's Sweet Dreams (yes, I know, another one...)

    [url] link edited - 30 posts needed /url]

    Why did I post it here? Well, I would very much like to know your opinion - is it good/bad/ugly? Should I try myself in other remixes? (I am thinking of classical music, actually)

    Your thoughts, comments and remarks are welcome and expected. The track is free to download, of course.

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    You are correct. You can post a mix here as a beginner & ask for advise on it. It is allowed if you are asking for help etc. But you cant post a mix here for any other reason i.e. "enjoy/download my mix" etc.

    I will caution you though, any evidence of posting mixes for other reasons will be monitored closely & dealt with accordingly. Just be mindful of the reason for allowing mixes to be posted here. Abusing the rule will also me monitored.

    Just so I don't come across as too rude/tough, let me say, this is a "help forum" first & foremost. We are here to help DJ's & in any way we can. If that includes helping you create a better mix, that's what we do. Allowing you to post a beginner mix here for critique & help is a privilege.... please don't take advantage of it by constantly posting & abusing the rule etc.

    Hopefully others will come along & assist you. Good luck....
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    Quote Originally Posted by SingleSequence View Post
    the forum rules also state that a beginner can post his track in the Beginners section if the track is no longer than 10 minutes. I would like to use this privilege...
    I'm afraid this is not correct.

    17 – Beginner mixes can be posted in the beginners section only, but must be no more than 10 minutes in length. Mixes longer than 10 minutes will be viewed as circumventing rule 16, will be deleted & disciplinary action will be issued
    Specifically mixes, not single tracks, not single remixes.

    A mix is a blend of 2 or more tracks using DJing blending techniques, not production.

    The beginner section is for genuine beginners. I think you are confusing "beginner" with "newly registered member". There would be no point in making such rules on posting, if all the traffic that is in waiting of qualification to post can be posted in a different area.

    We had those rules implemented, after the forums became saturated with one post "noobs" who register with no other intention that just "check out my stuff". This resulted in regular members not being able to showcase their own stuff, because it would get buried under 10-15 other threads on a daily basis in every area of the forums. We treat it primarily as spam.

    This is a DJ forum for DJs, catering for the members, it is not a place to solely advertise one's recordings. The 30 post rule is a regular member access to a privilege, not a guideline that can be circumvented.

    You have clearly introduced yourself as

    Quote Originally Posted by SingleSequence View Post
    been producing electronic music (more like a hobby, although I had a few commercial releases) since the time of Cakewalk 1.0 on Windows 3.1
    For that reason, I'm afraid you are not eligible as a beginner DJ or producer. The 30 post rule does apply, thread is closed.
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    As an admin, I feel the need to second Manu's interpretation. The rules are in place to prevent spam - both from members and from bots.

    SingleSequence, you're really pushing the bounds. If you're not going to be active on this forum, then why expect others to help you? We are a community that actively helps each other. If you're not interested in helping others and being active, we're just not on the same page.

    I wish you luck in your production journey.
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