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    Track Artwork


    Does anybody know any good websites where I can get album artwork from. I have uploaded some tech house mixes on my Soundcloud but can't find any decent artwork.


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    Iirc there was a discussion here on a very similar website concept but I couldn't find it (maybe it was in DJF1.0) where you'd be able to create a profile, upload a few samples of your work, release them under GPL and use hashtags & genres for sorting but it has the problem that in order to make use of layers you'd either have to work with the artist directly or settle to use a couple of standard formats (Adobe Photoshop, GIMP etc)

    There are websites that work in the same manner (both free as well as ones which require a subscription, monthly fee or a payment) but they often specialize in fonts, vectors and stock photos.

    I think in general a browser/cloud/Java-based graphic design software platform would be a) very expensive in terms of licensing and b) very slow as well as buggy, plus you wouldn't probably be able to import photos or use custom fonts/brushes without some sort of wizard-like server back-end.

    So your best bet is to find someone to do the graphics for you, or design your own. Photoshop has had this obscure payment model for quite some time but is very well documented, GIMP on the other hand is free but nowhere close to PS in terms of user experience.

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    I use various stock photo site with some photoshop tweaks for my soundcloud uploads. . Here are some of the sites I use.

    If not photo stock I use google images and search up specific words paired with "abstract". I find decent files to work with in PS.

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