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Thread: Questions about my setup

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    the problem is not the controller. Its the dragonfly red dac he uses. It is actually a very powerfull headphone amplifier to drive high impedance headphones (600ohms)
    It has a maximum output of 2.1V.

    Now xlr have an output level of between 1.228 V and 1.736V.

    Line input on rca connectors have normally a voltage of between 0.316 and 0.447V.

    the problem is not the controller, the problem is your signal coming from your audiofly red is too hot. You need to lower your gain accordingly and then make sure you adjust the rest of your gain structure accordingly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchiemasha View Post
    If you're running the amps to their full potential and then they connected their phones, if it was "louder in both volume & bass" you'd of been clipping the amplifiers.

    Are you trying to say the output of your controller is unable to put a high enough voltage signal into the input of the amp?

    - Will the output from an external mixer be lower with SB/SB2/SB3 or SR than SX2/SR2?
    This depends on the mixer. Some mixers will distort at lower +db value than others. A mixer is a preamp and these can have varying range of boost to the voltage level. A cheap controller will have it's maximum output much lower than a controller with it's own built in tandalone mixer. However, non of this matters in the term of GAIN STAGING. The cheap controller will put a signal of the correct level into the amplifiers, A mixer that can go hotter will simply clip the amplifiers. The only difference between the "louder" and quieter piece of equipment is you need to have the amplifier input attenuater turned down more for the louder one, and left at 0, full for the quieter one.

    - I have to use adapters on the xlr-cables to fit the outputs on AG06 (if I buy this one). Will this affect the sound?
    Why do you have to use adaptor to fit the outputs?
    Thank you for a great reply! This is information that I need

    I didn't run my controller in any amp/mixer. I run the speakers directly in my controller. As The-Firm is explaining, the volume from my phone was amped before it hit my controller..

    Why do you have to use adaptor to fit the outputs
    AG06 doesn't have xlr inputs?

    Quote Originally Posted by light-o-matic View Post
    He does not want help fixing his problem, he just wants to buy different stuff and wants us to tell him that's ok. We didn't so he's gone.

    It drives me nuts when people come on the forums with some equipment problem.. either they have got perfectly good gear and they have it plugged in wrong or using the wrong cable or the wrong setting.. but they refuse to discuss that "because I have everything hooked up right"... Well, then, if you know that, why did you bother asking us? If you're so sure that the controller is the problem.. get a different one. If you're so sure that you need a separate mixer, buy one. Don't waste our time coming on here asking for help and then the only information you give us is your OWN decision as to what's wrong.. but you won't give us enough information for us to figure out what's really wrong.

    Just as bad when people come on and they've got their mind made up to buy something that's absolute garbage, or just the wrong piece of gear for the job.. and want to know what people think, and everyone say no.. then they start arguing. They had their mind made up already and won't hear anything different.

    But in this case the guy has a nice controller, it's a $1000 controller.. I think you can't even get them anymore.. and the first thing he does is blame the controller and doesn't want to hear anything else or take the time to rule out any more likely problems.. just buy something else! I wish I was made of money like that.
    Glad I could help you to get your frustration out. I know that VCI-400SE is great, but it depends on the rest of the setup. I said I was switching to Serato. If you were able to read what I'm wiriting, you would realise that my controller is not compatible.
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    Scarn, don't take what LOM said personally. We get a LOT of people who do what he says... You'll likely see it soon!

    I'm glad you came back and posted. That doesn't happen as much as it should.

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    Is Soundcraft Notepad 8 FX better than a&h zed 6?

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