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Thread: For those that use PC's

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    I love my Dell with the touch screen. I'm getting another one as soon as the budget will allow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimH View Post
    I love my Dell with the touch screen. I'm getting another one as soon as the budget will allow.
    I use a Dell All-In-One PC with my Small System and really like it too, but I have to ask; of what use is a touch screen? Mine is a touch screen too, but I NEVER touch it. My DJ software (Traktor) is not touch screen enabled, and I doubt Iíd ever need it to be anyway since I mostly use a controller as my interface. I could use the touch interface with Windows 10, but after starting up Traktor, thereís not much that I do in the OS. Besides that, the computer is on the other side of my controller, at armís length from where I stand, so touching the screen is not comfortable or natural. I guess I just find touch screens useless for mobile DJ work.😊

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    I use Lenovo but have used Dell in the past. They're both fine so long as the drivers are stable.
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    If you're going to do anything with a PC (desktop) I would highly recommend building one yourself. It's a fun hobby and you end up with something that is much easier to customize and upgrade as needed.

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    I have all the equipment from Dell - very stable work, no problems.

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    Been using 2 University Surplus Dell latitude E6450 Laptop PCs (back lit keyboard) with the i5, 8 gig of Ram plus a 512GB SSD for the main and DJ Music.
    I also replaced the DVD drive with a HDD adaptor and a regular 5400rpm 1TB Drive for all my Karaoke tunes.
    There's a 3rd one set up the same way as these but it only has a 14.1 screen
    All have a Magnesium Chassis and are very rugged although a little heavy.

    All Music is identical in all and with virtual DJ I just copy over the Database etc. to all 3.

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