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Thread: Beat matching by ear

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    We all screw up, nobody is perfect. But with time indeed it becomes second nature, I literally count bars and line up things in key without even thinking about it.

    With experience it's even easier on CDJ's because they count the time for you, which I display backwards and figure out the track structure just with that. It's one of the tricks for doing a double drop in time, and in key. Having a lot of music school behind is a neat advantage, because most of the early years in conservatory are spent counting to a beat, while reading the sheet in front of you. No technology needed.

    Like I said, using those poxxy bits of software and automation bores me to death. Because I stand there and the machine does it all for me, except press play every 3 to 5 minutes or so. I have done a few gigs like that with some other guys bringing in some traktor gear, and I did not feel like I was DJing. Not to mention the lack of speed and fader/EQ response in the mixing department, the damn machine is just too slow for me. We're talking milliseconds, but I can't do what I do if that thing is 7 to 13ms behind. I do cut on faders pretty sharp, and that thing just lags behind.

    Sorry if I may sound old school, but I understand why most kids will fall for something that is easy and make them sound good. Then I have seen a lot of people with a lot of gear who can't mix instant coffee and hot water.

    Train your ears kids, best tool you got against every other kid playing the beatport top 10 and sounding like the next kid. If you don't put some effort in your craft, your craft won't go far.

    Just as I know .1 is almost nill difference and an easy correction with the jog as you bring it in but wanted to see if anyone else is able to consistently get it spot on.
    The thing is, 0.1 accuracy is not much, other machines are sharper, like my CDJs are at lower increments, so more accurate with speed. I routinely get it spot on. Not everytime, but I have some better equipment, which makes it a lot, and I do mean a lot easier. Cheaper equipment will never be as good as the more expensive. The last factor is what you make of it. I have played for decades with machines featuring an 0.1% accuracy, and that usually never gives you a lock, unless you play two track originally at the same BPM. Everything else drifts off, and you'll to adjust accordingly.

    You can speed up or slow down the jog, but you can also learn to ride the pitch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manu View Post
    Here's a slice of old school, right back to when DJs had no choice but to beatmatch by ear.
    And here's a snippet of a mix I did in Ableton Live 15 years ago using the same track, completely programmed and no beatmatching at all

    (hope this doesn't breach any anti-noob rules, it's only a 3 min snip..)
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    .1 of a bpm, the sound takes longer than that to travel from the speakers to your ear. It'a also worth noting, we can't distinguish delays in sounds form a different source/direction/echo etc, outside of 20ms (the HAAS effect). If we could, our brains would get very confused.

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    Thanks for all the replies guys. Really appreciate the information.

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