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These guys are not playing around and DJF should work with them while they are still building the platform.

Instantly broadcast your live mixes on your website by click of button, new crate digging experience, create your own personal space for live performances, & more! (Traktor, Pioneer, Serato, Vinyl, all setups welcome)
Hey everyone, creator of CUE Music here. It's been almost 10 months since I've posted on /r/DJs - been working hard under the radar and, come a long way now, I'm proud to share new full fledged features for DJs and live musicians of all kinds!

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CUE Music is a live audio streaming platform, free on iOS, Android, and Web, designed for DJs and musicians to perform and engage with an online audience

Here's why I think everyone should be using CUE.

- Traktor, VirtualDJ, and Mixxx come with built-in broadcasting. You deserve a tool that lets you go live whenever you're mixing, simply by hitting that button! (Others can broadcast easily using BUTT - yes, BUTT)

We built a new feature where you can go live just as you would on TwitchTV (but audio only) - just hit broadcast and you're live! Previously, the only broadcasting option was through scheduling a performance on one of the available stages, and this type of booking could be seen as a hassle to some, so we've built an instant stream option directly on your profile. But, a lot of additional features are only available if you perform on one of the stages so it's worth the extra hassle.

- Most live streaming options require video, many of which get taken down due to copyright infringement (e.g. Facebook Live, TwitchTV)

We are an audio only platform with licensing, automatic song detection, and a fluid music experience via mobile app and web platform. Want to mix and have your friends tune in on the road? Or want to share your live performances to your following on twitter? Or even embed a live music player directly on your website? CUE Music makes this easy and accessible. Each user and each stage has its own live player for sharing.

Example embeddable live player for a stage

Example embeddable live player for a user

- We save a full track list of your all performances for your reference and exploration

DJ programs with built-in broadcasting sends song metadata (for others, we use audio fingerprinting technology to detect songs) in which we cross-reference various databases to catalog all songs played on CUE Music by artist and record label. We currently only have ~40K unique songs that have been performed so far, but this system provides a great way to crate dig, listen to previews, and discover discrete songs that other DJs have already found and played.

- Listening to live music through other DJs, especially with social engagement and chat rooms is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to discover new music

Not only is it enjoyable on the receiving end, it's really fun playing and having listeners engaging with your mix in real time over the internet. Each stage and each profile has its own chat room to engage the audience and DJ. You can also favorite songs that will auto save to your favorites collection as well as cheer on the DJ and see live animations for everyone's reactions.

- Other key features

Automatically save your performances to Mixcloud (currently only to CUE Music's account - will be able to on your own Mixcloud account in the future)

Followers can receive notifications whenever you book a new performance and also when you go live

Easy to use direct messaging system

Live stream statistics dashboard to see a live tally of the audience's reactions

Spotify integration so you can playback songs if you have Spotify premium

We started sign ups at the end of June 2018 and are still in open beta. We want to get everything perfected to an industry grade caliber before we officially launch. We've not yet had any marketing efforts, so the community is still small (~2.8K users & 400+ DJs), but we do intend to grow massively in the future.

Though small, our community is very welcoming, supportive, and active on the platform, so we welcome you all with open arms! We're aiming to launch at the beginning of 2020 and have been awarding an early user title "CUE Pioneer" to all users whom we intend on giving perks out to in the future (although unsure exactly what). So at the very least please do register and check out the platform!

Also, if anyone represents a large collective of DJs, music organization, record label, or music venue and would be interested in having your own stage on CUE, or even if /r/DJs would like its own stage for community building, please do contact me! We would love to provide a space for you to represent yourselves and for your communities to mix live for one another.

Lastly, I want to give a huge thank you to /r/DJs, /r/Beatmatch, and DJ TechTools for being the open channels for getting CUE its first beta users. We wouldn't be anywhere without our beta users! <3



we're currently licensed with SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI in the US and PRS in the UK. No licensing yet in Canada and other countries, so we're paying all listens through SoundExchange currently as it's the best we can do in order not short any record labels and artists.

Unfortunately PPL UK has referred us to work directly with record labels as their licensing only covers traditional online radio approaches - same with ICE Europe. So, we've reached out to Warner, Sony, Universal, BMG, and Kobalt, and none of them bothered to move forward - it seems like we're too low profile for them to consider.

Moving forward on this, we have a huge and visionary plan to file as a non-profit and distribute all profits to accounts that all record labels, especially small ones and independent artists that may not be represented, can then claim - all over blockchain and token economics. I have not shared this piece publicly yet, so there it is haha. We're here to maximize royalty distribution, especially for the smaller artists.