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Thread: How to connect to a powered sub via compressor & mixer?

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    Unhappy How to connect to a powered sub via compressor & mixer?

    Hello all.. I have been scratching my head on this one for a while now and figured i would finally ask for help with connecting my powered subwoofer to my mixer via a compressor.
    Here is my setup:

    My mixer is a Berhringer Xenyx 802 -->
    My compressor is a Berhringer Multicom xl-pro 4600 4 channel compressor -->
    My sub's input amp is a BASH 300s sub amp -->

    I currently use 2 channels on the compressor for left and right main speakers, i use another channel for a microphone and want to use the last channel for subwoofer.

    I am trying to get an stereo output from my mixer to go into that ONE channel of my compressor and then from compressor into the bash 300S

    I have tried using only one channel of the "control out" on my mixer, via a 1/4" balanced jack to 1/4" input of compressor, then output of compressor into bash 300s via a 1/4" to rca cable, it works but i am missing half the sound as i am only getting one channel, so sub is not as loud.

    I want to go through the compressor so help smooth out and protect the sub
    If i go out from mixer via rca tape out directly to rca in on sub it works fine but i am bypassing the compressor, which i don't want to do.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by robmorin View Post
    I want to go through the compressor so help smooth out and protect the sub
    Compressing recorded audio more than it already is which these days is excessive to start with.... will NOT protect your sub it will actually put more stress on it. A limiter on the other hand could help and the unit you have can be setup to act as a sort of limiter but it has to be setup such that it is only occasionally active otherwise it is just adds another layer of excessive compression. The way you do this is set the limiter ratio to maximum and the threshold to a level that activates just below amp clipping.. assuming the subs can handle full output from the amp. And the idea is this device is there to protest against accidents which means it should rarely be activated, if you drive the system so this limiter is always active you WILL cook the subs and this also means you simply don't have enough sub for the task at hand.
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