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Thread: Techniques for quickly removing a track in the mix?

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    Techniques for quickly removing a track in the mix?


    Does anybody have any techniques to quickly removing a track that is playing?

    Example: If you are playing a track and the crowd aren't enjoying it etc.

    Any tips or tricks using the effects?


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    The old SL1200 off switch (let the track grind to a halt) while a new one starts can do the trick.

    Or, realistically, how about: Snap a 2 bar loop out of it and play with the effects, and pitch up or down to match the tempo of the next track you are going to mix in in.

    Send to an echo/delay effect with a long feedback, seep a filter down and turn it into a wash of sound to mix the new track up out of.

    A straight cut to a really exciting, recognisable crowd pleaser, on the right beat.

    I guess it really depends on what track you are playing and what you want to put on next.

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    If the track is that bad, stop the track, pull the vinyl off the TT, (While scratching the needle across the record)
    Frisbee it across the room.

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    In general I wouldn't suggest a super abrupt stop to the playing track - if you can feel the room isn't vibing it, just get a better track ready and begin mixing in when the next phrase begins

    Even if you don't have a good track playing, keep your mix smooth (in my opinion).

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