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Thread: DJ License to play publicly

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    DJ License to play publicly

    I am bidding on a gig were the venue states that you must have your own License to play publicly. I tried e-mailing ASCAP but they said that the DJ is not responsible, even though i tried to explain the situation to them.
    Where do i have to go, and what do i have to obtain to get a License?
    I understand that normally it would be the venues responsibility, but for sake of argument lets just assume i really need this.

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    BMI and ASCAP both hold venues responsible for licensing, not DJs.

    If you subscribe to a music pool, I'd show them their licensing agreement. That should convince the venue that you're using licensed music.

    EDIT: The above is an opinion. If you want a definitive answer, you'll need to engage a lawyer.
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    I agree. Even if you get a licence or authority to pay ASCAP, the venue is the one who is ultimately responsible. They're still gonna have to get a licence & pay the ASCAP fees etc.
    I'm not saying that you cant get an ASCAP licence. I'm just saying that, that will not get the venue legal.
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