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Thread: Where do you upload your mixes?

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    I use SoundCloud and Mixcloud, they seem to be the most popular.

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    For the last few years, I have been using But like someone else mention, it is going downhill due to lack of support. I have a few mixes on there that no longer play. You can download them, but you can't play them when you click the play button. The majority of my mixes play just fine. I do like it because there are no copyright restrictions there. I have 551 followers, and over 300,000 plays on my 200 mixes, with about 15,000 downloads. For the past 3 years, I have been putting my mixes on youtube. If you want to be heard, youtube is the place to post your mixes. Right now I am 38 people away from having 10,000 subscribers. So if you want to help me hit 10K subscribers, please subscribe to my channel. I won't post the link, but you can search for Panotaker on youtube to find me. My post popular mix there is real close to getting 1 million views. The same mix on house-mixes has a couple of thousand plays, so youtube gets a lot more traffic. The problem with youtube is that you may get a copyright strike. I have gotten a few myself. Usually when that happens, they will make your mix invisible where nobody can see it. Usually it is because of just one song in the mix. If it is just one song, you can tell youtube to mute the audio on that song, and they will make the mix visible again. Only problem is, there will be no audio when it gets to that song in the mix, but at least it will play, and you won't lose your total count. The other option is to delete the mix, remix it without that one song, and upload it again. The problem with doing it that way is that your count will start at zero.
    So here are my tips if you want to put up a youtube mix. Keep your mix short, 20 to 30 minutes. The reason being, if you get a youtube strike, you didn't waste a lot of time on the mix. The other reason is, very few people listen more than 20 or 30 minutes, no matter how good your mix is. So if you put up a two hour mix, you wasted 3 mixes. It's better to put up four 30 minute mixes, than one 2 hour mix. Plus the longer your mix, the more chances you have of getting a copyright strike. Make your mix as flawless as possible. Nobody remembers your good blends, but they remember your train wrecks, and once you put up a bad mix and someone listens to it, you can't take it back, so make sure it is as perfect as you can make it. Play songs people know. If you put up songs nobody heard of, don't expect many subscribers. Answer the comments people leave you, good or bad, and be polite. Get ready for the haters and the negative comments. If you but up a good mix, the haters will come out of the wood work to leave you hateful comments. I guess they don't have anything else to do. Leave comments on other DJ's mixes if you want comments left on your mixes. Tag your mixes correctly, so people can find you when they do a search. Once your mix becomes a little popular, it will make it to the front of the search list, and your youtube count will take off pretty fast. This is what has worked for me, your milage may vary.

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