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Thread: what controller to buy

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    what controller to buy

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I come from Poland, someone closed the forum that I used so far. That's why I was forced to seek advice in other forums. I have two turntables, the DVS system from NI, but I miss something. I would like to diversify my sets and I am thinking about buying a controller to which I will connect turntables without any problems and be able to play from a minimum of 3 sound sources. My budget is about 2500 PLN, which gives about: 580 Ä / 640 $

    I was thinking about the Denon MC6000 MK2, but nowhere did I find information if I could connect turntables directly to it, put DVS discs and play it like now with the NI Tractor A6

    Sorry for my english I use a translator.

    Best wishes

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    Hereís a link to the instructions for connecting turntables to a Denon MC6000MK2...

    Iíve never used any auxiliary inputs with mine, but I have two of the MC6000MK2ís and I LOVE them... GREAT controllers.😊

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