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Thread: New Skills and Techniques to Learn

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    New Skills and Techniques to Learn

    Up until now I've been happy simply mixing tracks and doing smooth transitions from one track into the next and building sets. Since now my beat matching is sorted and fine tuned, I'm ready for the next step of learning. I'm in the process of exploring all of the effects on my mixer (DJM 850), and now i'm ready for my next challenge. Bit lost as to what to start learning next! My true love is deep house, tech house and techno! Have you guys got any ideas on how to build my skill set within the genres of music I love?

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    Learn how to double up a beat, increase, back to dry on the 1st down beat of the next phrase, this can be a quick effect to spice up a long section of beats or a long effect like your own build up. How to use loops to fit mixes in where they normally wouldn't fit. The use of long loops shortened form 16 to 1/4, over the mix as it progresses towards the break of the track mixing in, this can be done with vocals and melodic parts to create the tension as the loop shortens into a stutter, pointless over just beats unless you're using the filter to to wash out the fast self made roll via the mix. If you don't understand any of the points, play until you do.

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