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Thread: Issue mixing

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    Issue mixing

    Hello guys,

    Im learing djing about 2 weeks, and i have a issue with some musics. after i beatmatch 2 songs, i find this "miss" in one of the musics:

    and after pass this part of the music i get a out of sync.

    This issue is beatgrid? someone can explain how i can fix this ?


    Best regards

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    Hi, it's all covered in the stickies.!

    The issue is not "beatgrid". You need to learn how to beatmatch.

    My mixing sounds awful! What am I doing wrong? Should I just quit?

    There are VERY few people who can never learn to be DJs. ALL DJs sound terrible at first. Your beat-matching skills will suck and it may take you ages to get 2 tracks at the same BPM. You may not even be able to do it in time before a song runs out. You may bring one track in and it's too loud. You may get the phrase matching all wrong and get vocal clashes etc. All of this stuff is totally natural and part of the learning process. You don't pick a guitar up for the first time and play like Hendrix. You learn the basics of holding the guitar right, plucking the strings, playing your first chords. Don't give up cos you're not as good as you want to be in a certain amount of time - understand that it takes a lot of practice and be realistic, then you won't be as frustrated.

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