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Thread: Greetings from Brazil

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    Smile Greetings from Brazil

    Hi folks,

    I'm new here and starting to explore the Forum to get to know everyone and somehow contribute my knowledge.
    I have been a DJ since 1997, a producer since 2004 and I manage a sub-label of Proton Radio.

    I will strive to bring solid content that can add to the Forum.


    PS. I'm not that fluent in English, so there may be some mistakes

    My social medias:
    [url links removed url]
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    Welcome to DjForums.

    Your post has been edited in compliance with our rules. You can share your material as soon as you fulfil all necessary requirements.

    Your post has also been moved to introductions, as per what it is. Please keep in mind to check the FAQ (for profit and/or music label promotion requires a vendor account), and enjoy your stay.
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