I havenít posted in this thread in a while, but there have been some new developments. The primary development is Mixxx 2.3 Beta. I decided to give it a try using the same AGED Acer Laptop with Zorin Linux and my American Audio VMS 4.1. I gotta say; IíM IMPRESSED. Iíve been testing this software out for almost two weeks now, and havenít run into a single issue. The application has EVERYTHING I need as a mobile DJ. The interface is pretty clean, and the tool tips are pretty handy for someone just getting used to the app. The documentation is as good as that of any commercial DJ software product. The MIDI map for my controller works flawlessly and setup took only minutes.

I REALLY like the idea of having a stable operating system that I control, and itís FREE! The DJ application is also free to download and use. If someone wanted a simple and inexpensive setup to get started or try out DJing, a configuration like this could be the perfect option.