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Thread: Handle breaks in a Trance set

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    Handle breaks in a Trance set

    Hello everyone !

    I am writing to you because I have a question. It's been about 4 months since I started mixing, and I'm slowly moving towards Progressive Trance / Goa / Trance / Hard Trance styles, which are what I prefer musically. The problem is that in many sounds of these styles (especially in the progressive), they consist of a huge break in the middle of the track, before gently up and explode in the drop. You'll tell me it's a bit of a progressive style goal, but I was wondering how this is handled during a set? It seems to me inappropriate to chain this kind of structure, proposing a very sinusoidal dynamics to the audience.

    If you have tips to give me to keep a maximum dynamic I'm all ears!

    Thank you !

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    Add a beat or clap or something else layered on top to maintain a sense of rhythm, do some harmonic mixing using another track in key. Engage the audience in clapping along, say something on the mic, or let the audience do it's own stuff, etc.

    Experienced DJs also do their own edits, trim out or add stuff. If something is too long and drags on, cut it out.

    Listen to other DJ sets, hear what can be done.

    sinusoidal dynamics
    Errr. What?
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    I think a very basic mantra is: don’t mix out in a breakdown, it’s a clear sign of an amateur. You can do fun stuff in the break down - as mentioned above, just be aware that the drop is important.

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