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    Old Music Archives / Paid sites

    Hi all,

    First post from getting back into DJing since leaving in the vinyl days in 2001. Unfortunately I sold all my records and I was wondering if there is anyway to find / buy all the old AMPM / VC / Extravaganza / Manifesto / XL / Positiva / HOOJ Choons MP3 alternatives? I have tried Beatport and that has some Hooj stuff, but not a lot and the old main stream labels are harder to find? Would be great to go back to this era and discover new stuff on these old labels too!

    What other sites can you recommend to relive the old days and get back some of these tunes please?

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    Some classic labels there. Positiva is still going strong. It has a website with history and links to download stores. Xtravaganza has a half made website. Some of the labels were buried in controversy back in the day. A lot of unpaid artists, signings, likely due to cocaine addictions and the lavish partying of those involved. It would be nice to purchase entire archives, bat cats or even a subscription (personally i prefer ownership). The only solution is to buy the CD's it'll work out cheaper. Many sellers on DISCOGS will send you just the disk and do you bulks at 20-50p each. Not sending the case works out a lot cheaper for all.

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    You can search "Classic nostalgic music" by google. good luck.

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