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Thread: What do i have to do to not be a new member anymore?

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    What do i have to do to not be a new member anymore?

    I started djing a few months ago and have been focusing on just learning basic mixing and wanted some opinions on my transitions to see what i'm doing right/wrong etc

    I've checked the mix thread and due to being listed as a new member i'm not allowed to post any mixes.

    I signed up 3 months ago but i'm still counted as a new member, what do i have to do to get that removed?

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    #16 - To post a mix or links to Soundcloud & Mixcloud accounts, you must have completed both of the following:
    a) Accumulate 30 posts by participating in any area of the forum.
    b) Be a member in good standing for a minimum period of 30 days.
    Posting your mix in another forum section will be viewed as circumventing the rules, thus the post will be deleted and disciplinary action given.

    and just FYI......

    #18 - Rapid posting (Postwhoring) is not allowed. Just randomly posting in threads just to boost post count is not allowed. Digging up & posting in countless old threads is not allowed.
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    Alright thanks for your help, I assumed posting in the wrong forum would be a bad idea.

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    Just be friendly and join in discussions. You'll likely get rep (in the form of stars) quickly. After all, we're all here to help one another.
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