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Thread: How old is too-old to DJ nightclubs ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Beep View Post
    A lot of older DJs named here. Pete Tong is coming up to 60. Lots of house DJs in their 50s still play.

    However, all the guys I can think of made their names when they were younger, and many have a pretty legendary status.

    I don't think there's any reason why older guys can't play in clubs, there's no age limit and no reason why you won't have the skills or music taste when you are older (the opposite in fact).

    However, how easy is it to break in to the scene, get gigs, make connections if you are older but don't have a track record? Are there any examples of DJs "breaking through" when they are 40+
    This is the rub-older DJ's need to have the heritage of being there 'back in the day' as a clubbier, at least - I'd say it would be impossible to start post 40+ if you were never part of the scene originally

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    I'm 44 and DJ different open format, urban, top 40 spots with no problem. I will say though, for the OP, that it wouldn't hurt if your residency had a couple of DJs who were in their 20's or so, if not for anything but to bring a fresh perspective to the crowd every once in a while. There are a lot of younger guys/girls out there who are really dope, and who look at things (musically, technically) through a totally different lens. And that variety is good for everyone, in the long term.

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    I just finished djing nightclubs here in australia, im 32 i was always under the notion that i didnt want to do it past 30.
    i know i can match it on all aspects e.g commercial, deep, chill, trance, urban & Rnb, 90's and so forth.
    though i reckon it all depends on the love for the job.
    I love standing behind the players and mixing, but the scene is what killed it for me. just not the same as it was when i was in early 20's

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    I don't think age has anything to do with having a love for music. Only judgmental people will look down upon an older person going to the club or djing, and they probably hate their own lives anyways so it's probably best not to care what anyone thinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manu View Post
    One of my friends is now into his 60s, still going very, very strong in business with a decades long reputation behind him. He had a long run in a famous local club, now he does weddings and such with a ton and a half of gear. The guy packs up local venues everywhere he goes. The only difference is that he has a couple of guys at hand to move the gear around.

    Also, this guy:
    My story, did my first gig in 1978 - now I use hired gun DJ's for the mobile shows and run the business.

    Fortunately with art, age is dismissed, as it should be. We only get better and in some areas of life that's taken as a given.

    Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, Angus Young.
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    Age dont matter when it comes to DJ'n as long your decent.. Hasnt held Carl Cox back!

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    yeah i think im over the hill at 33 lol, i think if you were playing your favourite songs from your youth it might not go down so well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Like View Post
    yeah i think im over the hill at 33 lol, i think if you were playing your favourite songs from your youth it might not go down so well
    I think that depends on when your 'youth' was, what era, and also, what you mix it up with

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