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Thread: How old is too-old to DJ nightclubs ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchiemasha View Post
    Yeah... and, non of the kids in the non Grime areas that are starting to love this wave of UK Rap / Commercial Grime care who they are.
    when Hip-Hop, then House, then Jungle broke over here in the UK, many of us couldn't care less about the Soul Jazz and Funk artists heavily sampled; it's only ever a few freaks from each squad that go and find out about it all, but we do, and continue to.

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    David Guetta is 52 years old. is he too old to DJ?
    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Troy View Post
    If I was only willing to listen to music *I* like, then I wouldn't be a mobile DJ, I'd just get a Pandora subscription.

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    I'm 58. I've had enough of nightclubs.

    I'm all good with doing my radio show from home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlove View Post
    but we do, and continue to.
    Very true, that we do.

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    A lot of older DJs named here. Pete Tong is coming up to 60. Lots of house DJs in their 50s still play.

    However, all the guys I can think of made their names when they were younger, and many have a pretty legendary status.

    I don't think there's any reason why older guys can't play in clubs, there's no age limit and no reason why you won't have the skills or music taste when you are older (the opposite in fact).

    However, how easy is it to break in to the scene, get gigs, make connections if you are older but don't have a track record? Are there any examples of DJs "breaking through" when they are 40+

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