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Thread: Laptop assistance

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    Laptop assistance

    How do record a live DJ session to a Dell Laptop???

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    I'm afraid the answer cannot be specific if you do not specify what equipment and/or what software is being used. It's a bit like asking how do I drive a Caterpillar.

    Usually one sends the sound signal to the computer through the relevant inputs and outputs, and records it through a sound recording/editing software, or production software featuring a recording option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJSPECIALK View Post
    How do record a live DJ session to a Dell Laptop???
    Like Manu, said; the best way to record a session is through your DJ software with the laptop hooked up through the USB port. You can, however, hook up to the LINE IN port on the laptop and use some software like AUDACITY to record. You can download Audacity for free.

    There are plenty of videos on the topic on YouTube. Search “how to record a mix”.

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