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Thread: Question regarding using Serato DJ Pro / with various controllers

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    Post Question regarding using Serato DJ Pro / with various controllers

    Hey guys,

    New to DJ'ing still and am curious, if I was to purchase the full version of Serato DJ Pro can it be used with any controller that supports Serato DJ Pro and Lite?

    Another question, what does it mean when you buy a controller and it UNLOCKS Serato DJ Pro, for example the DDJ-SX3? Does that mean that particular version will only work with THAT controller and no other ones, even if they are Serato DJ Pro compatible?

    Any input is MUCH appreciated!


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    every controller that works with serato pro comes bundle with it. its included in the price. There is no way for u to buy a controller thats serato pro compatible but buy it without the software.

    If u buy sx3, it will have serato pro. if u get another controller say the sz2, that will come with serato pro as well. take a look at the list of the hardware that comes with it:

    check out the note on that page: "Note: All DJ Lite hardware can be upgraded to DJ Pro"

    if u get a controller that only has serato lite, then u will have to pay to upgrade to pro.

    if u do get the serato pro software separately, then u can run all serato pro and lite controllers on it.

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