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    I have the K10's and yes, they sound good alone (they punch above their weight) but sound even better once paired with a KW181 sub or two. The K10 has a better bass response as a standalone speaker compared to the K10.2 but the K10.2 has a better sounding midrange and highs due to the better built-in DSP, I like them both but I still miss my old QSC HPR122i tops. The HPR 122i didn't have the low end of the K10 but it had the smoothest mids & highs compared to both the K series as well as the K.2 series, the drawback though was they were HEAVY for their size and they didn't have a tunable DSP. If you want to save a few bucks then the K10 will be fine, if you want better DSP then the K10.2 is a good option. I use my K10's with the QSC Touchmix 8 & the Touchmix brings even better QSC DSP settings to the table and really take speakers to the next level with the option to aux feed your subs, time align, EQ, crossover, anti-feedback, etc.. Once the K10's KW181's & Touchmix all come together...Magic.
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