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Thread: The first 2 Hours

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    The first 2 Hours

    Hi everyone, I'm after a bit of advice. What are you all playing for the first few hours of a party/wedding? That awkward period when people aren't drunk enough to let themselves go and are still talking in a fairy civilised manner so you have to keep the music a bit more subdued. I find it really difficult to find songs that people know and like but without using up all my dancefloor fillers that I'd rather save until the middle of the night. Is there a playlist anyone can recommend?

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    I'm in the southern US so it might be a bit difference but:
    A party & a wedding are two very different events.
    Normally for a wedding reception, I'll play some light dinner music. Toward the end of dinner, I may elevate to some medium tempo music but personally, I dont like to get too lively during dinner. Once dinner is over, I come out with some of the hottest stuff that I know will work for this crowd. If its the Cha cha slide then thats what I play. I play something I know they will dance to regardless of how fast it is, as long as they will dance to it. It just needs to be popular.

    If its a party, I generally play good, medium tempo songs that people know & maybe can sing along to in their heads. Even if its the Beatles, Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Bob Segar, etc.... but NOT dance music. Dont waste your dance music. Play listening music. GOOD music, but not dance music.
    Then, when they are ready, start with some dance music... test the water & see how they react, if they come out, continue your dance sets.
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