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Thread: CDJ platforms

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    CDJ platforms

    Hi, I'm studying GCSE Resistant materials and trying to design and construct a music production desk that transforms into an elevated CDJ platform, has anyone got any problems or enquiries about them?

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    GCSE as in?
    GCSE abbreviation for
    (Education) General Certificate of Secondary Education: a public examination in specified subjects for 16-year-old schoolchildren. It replaced the GCE O-level and CSE
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    GCSE as in?
    I think he means fire/acid/bullet/vandal-proof etc materials.

    Stuff like polycarbonate have such properties, as does metal but often require highly specialised tools which are expensive, use a lot of power and take up a lot of space (and could require a certificate/training/license to operate, and more machinery like an industrial vacuum) plus plastics tend to bend under weight and crackle from the corners, and need to be thick enough unless you put profiles and brace them properly which in turn calls for a very high degree of craftsmanship.

    EDIT : I wrote a longer post earlier, forgot to draft it, copied the text to clipboard, and went to fetch a link from another thread, copied that and lost all the stuff I had written.. I'll add stuff here as I gradually remember what I wrote.

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