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    what genre

    this has probably been asked 100 or 1000s of times

    Ive recently started dj and do this in the bedroom but am gradually learning the ropes etc

    I listen to alot of dance and was wondering what genre is called for mainstream pop/dance etc as looking everywhere for it and mixes of things to use in my mixes

    any help appreciated

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    I'm not sure whether you're referring to club music or "Top 40" but the last time I checked the Billboard chart it was all RnB/Rap with a few "classic", poppy love songs. A recent survey among DJs showed that I've been terribly wrong all these years as RnB/Rap was voted the most popular genre and Serato as the most popular software of choice since I've always been under the impression it was all about EDM/Traktor (edit : one could also draw a conclusion that Traktor/EDM DJ's are too busy to fill such surveys, or people spinning RnB/Rap aren't getting booked so they have the time, however statistics are known to be misleading at times and hard to interpret/draw conclusions from but it's the only "hard" data from a reliable source we have access to)

    But to speak from my experience and POV I think most international DJs in EDM get their music from Beatport or promo CD pools.

    However there is some cross-over between the genres (like Moto & Blanco, Wideboys etc doing clubby house remixes of the RnB/Rap stuff) so it's not completely a bad thing I guess. One also has to keep in mind that there was an era of "disco-hop" and hip-house so while it may appear like a double-edged sword it's the same blade after all. What I mean by this is that it may feel like the two styles of music are at "war" while they actually share common roots in music, ie. they emanate from the same source.

    For starters Ministry of Sound compilations/mixes is just about the easiest way to get into "mainstream" dance music as they cater to a fairly wide audience. I think Kontor is the German equivelant for it (but apart from that Germany is all about techno when it comes to dance music), as for the US scene I can't say much which is both funny and sad because technically speaking it originated from there, in Europe where I live it's considered mainly a UK thing ("club" house, underground garage and 2-step etc) with Ibiza being the clubbing "Mecca" of it.

    But yeah, these days to stay fresh you need the latest imports and the national/continental (US, UK, Europe) "future top 10" tracks, plus some originality, knowledge of history, technological know-how (plus knowing your gear) and lots of midnight oil and sticks. Knowing key people is also an essential part of it as are social skills.

    I'm by no means an expert or an industry insider but you can hope some of the older people in here bother replying and sharing their insights too.

    EDIT : the survey was by DigitalDJTips, I saw it in Instagram the other day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rek_Aviles View Post
    On top of what efinque mentioned above, you could also look into remix services like XMix.
    Yeah very recently I've seen people mention BPM Supreme too, but I don't have experience with DJ pools so you can count me out.

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    BPM does sound familiar. Think they've been around for yrs too.

    I subscribed to Xmix back in the 90s. No regrets, I had remixes you could not find anywhere and they also came with mini mixes on vinyl. Very useful when I wanted to take a break, mix in that that 20 minute "single" and walk away.

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    Give links so we can hear what you mean.

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