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Thread: Do you like to book kids parties?

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    Do you like to book kids parties?

    When after its said and done. the best feeling is driving home with your gear with cash in your wallet. I normally AVOID kids parties but I need the money
    so I came up with a shtick. Have a lighting fixture that looks like a robot. Maybe little girls may not like it, but boys dig on it and also Star Wars fanboys and girls like it.
    But you have to realize, a Gig Bar, though works well in most mobile apps will not cut the mustard for kids parties. These Gen ZZZZ want something unique, they already
    have phones, pads and Snap Chat, so you really have to amp it up. An ADJ Warlock, Asteroid 1200 or ADJ ACCU UFO also may do the trick. Practice and Destroy.
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    I play videos and the kids love it. They really like when a song is from an animated movie and includes clips from the movie.

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    I love playing kids parties. usually they are either middle school, or father daughter type dance if they are younger. occasionally I get hired to DJ as young as a 10 year olds birthday party.
    I have huge selection of clean music, otherwise I pretty much treat it the same as any dance and the kids love it.
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