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Thread: I'm hopeless & awkward

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    I'm hopeless & awkward

    What's up I'm a p o l l o !

    I'm a bedroom DJ from CA. I've been daily dosing music ever since the womb. But been DJing ever since university.

    I've DJ'd in my room lots, but done a few gigs for sororities. Damn those song requests.

    I started on a Gemini G4V, but transitioned to a Pioneer DDJ-1000.

    I've been trapped in a creative dry spell for a while now, but decided to pick up the hobby again. Thus, I'm here to join a community of like minded people so I can share my music and admire everyone's musical masterpieces.


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    Welcome to DJ forums!
    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Troy View Post
    If I was only willing to listen to music *I* like, then I wouldn't be a mobile DJ, I'd just get a Pandora subscription.

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    Hey man what's up?! welcome apollo!

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