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Thread: Best Tribal Beats to use as Bridge Tracks

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    Hello everyone! If you are interested in tribal rhythms you have good examples in tools by Jesse garcia, Darío nuñez... If there are no tracks as well you have been told that you can loop 4/8/16/32 bars using your sounding cdj or a third on a third channel. At the head come rhythms like Delgado - coffe beats where there are 3 volumes I think, the goodmen - give It Up... I keep tracklist of my session of 686 tracks where many are tribal but old between 2003 and 2004. If you're interested, I can look for it. Best regards

    Edit: an example i love It
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    Quote Originally Posted by efinque View Post
    Dunno about compilations but Stereo/Stereo Cool have a nice catalogue of tribal stuff ranging from darker sounds to melodic.

    Pretty much one of the most definitive labels in the genre imo. I got like 20 releases on vinyl from 2005-2010.

    Toolroom released some techier tribal stuff too but you should ask Coffey if he's still around, he seems to know his stuff (actually I lost a DJ mix battle against him in 2008 iirc )

    I also came across this guy Patrick Kroft who released a very groovy mixtape called "Tribal Trip"
    Oh man, thanks for posting this. I've been trying to find some good vinyl to record a tribal mix and I really like a lot of those Stereo Cool records. Really glad I found this post.

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