This is my first post, Iím glad I stumbled upon this forum, looks great!

A little background of myself before I ask my question. I have DJíd for 18 years, 95% of what I do is weddings although Iím hoping to branch out to doing trivia game nights at bars, etc.

Right now I have a box set up with a Denon DND4500 cd system and a Denon DNX500 mixer

Iím looking to downgrade size wise down to being able to carry my unit in one hand or a back pack.

I donít do any scratching or anything, I donít need a ton of bells and whistles.

The reason Iím leaning toward the Numark option is because of the ability to use flash drives and also for the rare instance I need or want to use a CD, the option is there. On the other side, the Denon unit is $100 less..

My wife got me the Mixtrack Pro 2 a few years ago as a back up and it worked pretty well but didnít feel it had much power behind it, but it could have been a mix of my speakers getting older also, which Iíve gotten new speakers a couple years ago.

I donít DJ often, maybe 5-10 gigs a year, but hoping to grow that amount some how.

I know these are considered entry level units for beginners but like I said, I donít need a lot for what I do.

Any thoughts pro or con on either unit or another suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!