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Thread: Elx200-12p with Elx200-12sp

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    Elx200-12p with Elx200-12sp

    Hi everyone , very much a newbie to the whole scene so I hope you can bear with me on my question's . I recently Bought a pair of Elx200-12p speakers which was a toss up from the 15 inch but thought because of size and weight would be best suited for my needs . I am hoping to do the same with the sub and I like the ELX200-12sp because of size and able to get 2 of them now in my budget and the fact of the matching app . I love the sound I'm getting out of them but definitely needs more low end . But being 12's will I benefit from a 12 sub because the tops are both 12's ? Or am I going to gain more by getting one elx200-18sp witch would be in my budget . or one ekx 15 in . space is a factor also when set up so the 2 twelves on poles with subs would be a benefit compared to running one in the middle and the 18 just seems so big having seen one at the local store , but 2 isn't always better than 1 maybe ? hope that all made sence. thanks in advance for any advice you may give .

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    I'd vote for a single EKX-15SP, you can never have too much sub. With that sub you will probably only ever need one but if you buy the 12's you will need a pair. I have a bunch of these EV speakers and most of the deployments are ZLX-12p's with a single EKX-18sp and I think that is a good match for DJ apps. I have also done EKX-12p's with a single ETX-15sp and that also works very well. The take-away is I think having a little more potent sub produces a more balanced sound for modern music genres. FWIW I have heard good things about the 12" EV subs but the 15" and 18" boxes produce sexy bass.. LOL, you won't be disappointed.
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