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Thread: newbie help with mixer/amp setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by conanski View Post
    What mixer were you using before?

    And I'm confused about what exactly is redlining? Can you elaborate on that?
    The mixer has 5 channels to which you feed inputs from your sources. Each channel has a gain knob on it as well as VUs indicating the dB level in each. It starts with green LEDs and up to red which indicates you are running higher than desired. You turn gain down on nixer to avoid that. However my gain is down all the way and turning up slightly puts into red.

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    OK that suggests the signal is way too hot, but you didn't have that problem with the same equipment connected to a different mixer correct? Behringer messed up the gains on another mixer(VMX1000).. in that case is was with the microphone input, that means it's not inconceivable that they did something similar with this one. Can you borrow another mixer to test this theory?
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