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Thread: Denon S-N3700ís and a Denon X-600

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    Denon S-N3700ís and a Denon X-600

    Just curious on everyoneís thoughts on this set up. Is it compatible with todayís technology. I came across a set up in very good condition and was curious if this system could work with the latest version of Serato DJ Pro. The mixer is midi mappable and the media players accept time codes via CD or USB.

    Does anyone still use the 3700ís? What are your opinions on them. Please let me know your thoughts?

    Que Yi

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    Hey Que Yi, sorry for the delayed response.

    I can't comment on the X-600, but I have the 3700 and really like it. However, I do not use it with a DVS so I can't give you too much info in that regard. I mainly use it with CD's or MP3's via USB stick and it's been problem free since I got it over a year ago.

    Hopefully someone can chime in to give you a better answer regarding DVS use.
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