I have done a lot of research across many forums, looked at lots of reviews and below are the results of my research. I would really appreciate your comments on my work to date and your advice to help me make a choice.

I need a lightweight setup for my wife who is a dance therapist, she plays to various rooms of 20-50 dancers, EDM as well as recorded performances so the solution needs to provide the awesome bass that people like to move their body to while at the same time have the sound quality to reproduce haunting vocals and quieter acoustic pieces. The problem is I can't audition where I am so very interested in your comments.

My research has led me to the following shortlist (all 2 tops sitting on 2 subs):

EV ZXA1 with matching 12" subs (8.6kg & 20.9kg, heard these in action in a room of 100 dancers, faultless performance. Getting old so no DSP or variety in inputs)
EV ELX200-10P tops with ELX200-12SP 12" subs (13.5kg & 19kg, how do these compare to ZXA1?)
RCF ART 708A MK4 and 12" SUB 702-AS II (10.4kg and 19kg)
RCF EVOX 8 x2 (23.8kg total. Also the EVOX J8 is lighter again and cheaper, but how does it sound compared to the wooden boxes in the EVOX 8?)

Also possible solutions but the subs are probably too heavy for her getting in and out of the car on her own:

Yamaha DXR8 or 10 tops (12.8kg and 13.9kg) but the pair of DXS12mkII subs (30kg)
ELX200-10P tops (13.5kg) with 18" ELX20-18SP sub (29kg) or
QSC K8.2 (12.2kg) with KS112 subs (28kg on castors).

I think when she sees a 30kg sub she will say no, but who knows? The 14.5kg QSC K10.2 tops were too heavy for her. She will probably fall in love with the weight and ease of setup of the EVOX 8.

I am thinking that I should not mix and match tops with subs, instead stick to the pairings that are designed to go together. There are so many good systems at this weight, we really are spoilt for choice. Thanks in advance for your help.

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