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Thread: Ten Minute Mix

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    Steve Mick - Ten Minute Mix

    I thought that in order to put up a mix on this forum you first had to do a 10 minute mix. I guess the rules have changed a little bit, but I made a ten minute mix anyway.


    Ten Minutes At The Disco - Steve Mick

    Track Id list:

    1. All Or Nothing (Original Mix) - Kevin Psych
    2. Spring Nights (Original Mix) - Agent Stereo
    3. Move Any Mountain (NuDisco Mix) - HP Vince, Dave Leatherman, Perry Hotter
    4. Love Is Taking Over (Original Mix) - Rick Marshall
    5. Flip The Disco (Original Mix) - D'jear
    6. Keep On Dancin' (Original Mix) - Rhoowax, Iglesias
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