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Thread: I just moved on to DVS & have questions

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    I just moved on to DVS & have questions

    Hello, everyone. I'm new here. My name is DJ Deek. I have been a DJ for 12 years. I started doing paid gigs, 5 years ago. I've been using a Pioneer SX2. I very recently bought 2 new starter turntables. [Epsilon DJT-1300's]. I seem to be having much difficulty with understanding how the play/pause buttons & the platters work together. (Please, don't laugh at me) More often than not, the platters won't spin after the button is pressed. After a lot of frustration, both platters spun continuously, only for them to stop working again later on in the day. I'm confused. They will usually spin for a few seconds, then stop. Sometimes, they may not spin at all when the button is pressed. It seems, like they have a mind of their own & they spin when they choose to. I'm pleading for any help here. Thank You in advance.

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    can you take a post it here? sounds like ur tts might be shotty

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    Oh, unfortunately you fell into one of those Hanpin OEM decks. Dispose/sell them and get something reputable at least.
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