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Thread: Mixes drifting with XDJ1000 MK2 but not in Rekordbox

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    Yea totally that's how it works, nothing wack about it. The trick only works if you approach the BPM from the same direction on both decks. So if you push one deck pitch UP until you just barely transition from 125 to 126, you have to also go UP from 125 to just barely 126 on the second deck to get them to match, that way you know that both decks are as close to 126 as possible without going under.

    If you approach it from the top.. lowering the pitch slider until it transitions from let's say 127 to 126, then where you'll be is nowhere near exactly 126 but rather very close to 127. So if you approached it.from the bottom on one deck and from the top on the other deck you will be at least .75 BPM apart so of course you'll get drift.

    The way to do it is to decide whether you are aiming to approach it from below or above.. I usually do it from below.. so if your displayed BPM is too low, increase pitch until it JUST goes over to what you want. If your displayed pitch is the exact number you want, or too high.. then lower it until it JUST goes under the BPM you want, then go back up until it JUST goes to the BPM you want. If you do that then you'll be as close as you can get it using just the BPM display.
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