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Thread: Mastersounds v Formula Sound v Bozak

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    If you can afford it get a Bozak.
    A lot more people recognize it at an expensive high-quality mixer.
    And it's sound quality is still one of the best you can buy.

    It's like buying a Rolls-Royce. Even people who know nothing about cars recognize what a Rolls-Royce is.
    Howie Hawkins for President 2020

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    Hey all,

    New to this forum and just came here on the recommendation of a friend.

    I've got a terrible rotary mixer addiction and have played on, or own, most of the higher end models. Right now I have the Mastersounds Radius 4v, the Condesa Lucia V, and the Rane MP2015 in my studio.

    Of them all, I have to say that the Condesa Lucia V is my overall favorite. Everything about it just feels so perfect. The summing is out of this world and the knobs are a delight to play with. I got the version with the EQ's on each channel and the EQ curves have to be among the warmest, most enjoyable I've ever played on in my 25 years of DJ'ing. It's a cliche, but the thing really is an instrument to play on and just tons of fun.

    That said, the R4V is an absolute beast. I really like having the assignable cross fader on it. Even though I prefer rotaries to linear faders (I also have a Model 1), I still like having the option to feather sounds in quickly or just slam things in on occasion. It blasts clean, strong signal and is very sensitive to small modifications of the isolators, EQ's, rotary pots, etc. I prefer it's cue'ing section better than the Condesa, as well. The EQ's aren't as nice on the R4V in my opinion though.

    Compared to the Lucia, the Radius 4V is more of a muscle car. The Lucia is like a yacht or a musical instrument. It's just pure butter.

    Of course the MP2015 is brilliant as well as has the added benefit of super clean, clear DA conversion internally. I bring it to events when I can't be bothered with my full set up but still want a fantastic, clean, fun to play on rotary. Someone said it doesn't have a switchable isolator section but they're wrong, you can turn the isolator on and off with the flick of a switch. Obviously it's not analog though, which is both it's main strength and weakness.

    If you want a piece of fine art that you'll enjoy for years, go for the Condesa. If you want a built like a tank, beautifully sounding muscle car, go for the Radius. You really can't go wrong with either but the Condesa is my pick between them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JumeirahSound View Post
    Someone said it doesn't have a switchable isolator section but they're wrong, you can turn the isolator on and off with the flick of a switch.
    We all know the main iso can be bypassed. I said:

    "the MP2015 has non-bypassable isolators on the channels, that in my opinion probably should have been normal EQs (since there's already a master iso) or had a bypass at 12 o'clock like the X1800 has."

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