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Thread: New night in Colorado springs, Colorado

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephs View Post
    Oh hey Iggy didn't know you were a Coloradoan now. Though springs is a few hours away from me.
    Where are you at?

    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    People listen to music in Colorado Springs? I thought they were all too busy attending church functions and comparing similarities in the local gene pool.
    Just go to the South side of the Springs. Get's way crazy down there.

    Enjoy living in CO Ignotus. I'm not a huge fan of the Springs but good job on the spot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignotus View Post
    Just moved here and recenetly signed a contract with a club down here to take over his friday night, so far everything is going really smooth, the word of mouth is good, and the first night is may 4th.

    Im looking for local guys who spin big room vocal house and prog house that want to be apart of this night on occasion.

    Private message me with a demo, chances are higher if ive known you sense version 1

    So far his saturdays, (dnb/dub days) are pulling about 300 people (capacity is 400), so we hope to do the same number!

    cheers mates,
    Alex... AKA Iggy
    Were you at SubT last night? If so, we mighta crossed paths! Props to getting this thang off the ground.
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    Congrads on the night man. Hope you pack it!!

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    Im in co springs what club are you currently at , we should hook up sometime - no homo lol hit me up I work at the mansion

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