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Thread: Old School Vinyl DJs - First Record You Bought

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    Quote Originally Posted by KLH View Post
    This beat still hits hard.
    That was my girlfriend & I's song when it was popular. We always went on the dance floor when that song was playing.
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    The first record I bought with my own money was Duran Duran’s Rio album. I bought it from Fiesta in Houston, TX. My mom thought I bought a Spanish speaking record.

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    The first record my parents bought for me was one of the following:

    Kiss - Dynasty
    Supertramp - Breakfast In America
    Carol King - Chicken Soup With Rice
    Peter and the Wolf

    But my Dad had a vinyl collection before I was born. It was mostly jazz but also The Beatles and Wings.

    My very first memory of a turntable was when I was 3. It was set up in the hallway for some reason. I took a penny and put it on the platter and started spinning it around and around to see how fast I could get it to go. Then the penny slipped off and went right down my throat. I swallowed it and a DJ was born.

    I don't remember my first record as a DJ though. I went into the city with a friend and we each bought a few records.

    I remember for sure that he bought Robin S - Show Me Love.

    Here are some of the records that might have been in the bundle I purchased:

    Moby - Next Is The E
    Young American Primitive
    Latour: Hypnomania
    D:Ream - You're The Best Thing
    LFO - LFO
    Kemical Kids

    Moby - Next Is The E (This is the cut we played. The one all the DJ's were bangin' at the time)



    Kemical Kids (Listen to the Hellraiser samples)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Bobcat View Post
    Can’t really say I remember the first record I bought. When I was young, you could go into a store and buy a bundle of 45’s for less than $1. My older brother and I mowed yards and that’s one of the ways we’d spend some of our money. There were usually about six or so records in the pack, but you could only see the ones on the outside... the middle ones were a mystery. Some turned out to be good, and others not so much. We had a blast playing them though, and if they were REALLY bad, we used ‘em for target practice. xxnx redtube pornktube

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    Peter and the wolf, book edition (actually not kids stuff), I was 3. Still in pristine condition at my dad's house, still have that turntable too.

    I grew up right in the disco era, and I had quite a respectable little collection by age 5
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    Quote Originally Posted by mopakarim8900 View Post
    I grew up right in the disco era, and I had quite a respectable little collection by age 5
    My parents had a thrift shop so when I got my first record player at around 5 years old (It was before I started Kindergarten.) it came with a fairly large collection of 78s & 45s. I got the record player at a family Christmas exchange. It was one of those portable acoustic record players for kids.

    Similar to this without Donald Duck and two switches instead of one. On for power and one to select 45 RPM or 78 RPM.

    The needles were literally metal needles. They looked like sewing needles with the top cut off. You'd have to replace the needle often to prevent extra wear on your records. But they were super cheap, less than one cent for multiple needles. 20 for 5¢ or 50 for 10¢

    I changed them after one or two 45s & about twenty or thirty minutes of 78s. I thought the 45s groove looked more fragile than the 78s groove. If I recall correctly the box of needles recommended replacing them after playing each record. But that might have been to encourage people to buy more needles.
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    As far I can remember, it was Queen Latifia's "Warth of My Madness" 12" single (Tommy Boy Label) and
    Papa San - "Dancehall Good To We" 12" single. I can't remember the name of the major label he was on for that single.

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    Technically the first vinyl I "bought" was the Gremlins book/vinyl (story #3):

    The first real music record was the Stray Cats - Rant N' Rave (to this day still have the record and still one of my favorite bands).

    Don't remember the name of the first house vinyl I bought, but I'd know it when I see it (just too lazy to dig around my shelves). Actually bought a few that day. None were very good, but I was so excited at the time to actually find a shop that sold dance music I picked up a few cheapos. (This was before I discovered a few of the DJ shops in town).

    First CD I bought (back when they were the new thing) was Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine.

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    Michael Jackson - Bad and Thriller. Both on tape. Did have vinyl in the house but they wre the first albums I bought with my own money.

    When I got older moved to CDs, did not start using vinyl until my late teens/ early twenties, no idea what was my first proper vinyl, sorry

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