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Thread: Old School Vinyl DJs - First Record You Bought

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    This beat still hits hard.
    That was my girlfriend & I's song when it was popular. We always went on the dance floor when that song was playing.
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    The first record I bought with my own money was Duran Duranís Rio album. I bought it from Fiesta in Houston, TX. My mom thought I bought a Spanish speaking record.

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    The first record my parents bought for me was one of the following:

    Kiss - Dynasty
    Supertramp - Breakfast In America
    Carol King - Chicken Soup With Rice
    Peter and the Wolf

    But my Dad had a vinyl collection before I was born. It was mostly jazz but also The Beatles and Wings.

    My very first memory of a turntable was when I was 3. It was set up in the hallway for some reason. I took a penny and put it on the platter and started spinning it around and around to see how fast I could get it to go. Then the penny slipped off and went right down my throat. I swallowed it and a DJ was born.

    I don't remember my first record as a DJ though. I went into the city with a friend and we each bought a few records.

    I remember for sure that he bought Robin S - Show Me Love.

    Here are some of the records that might have been in the bundle I purchased:

    Moby - Next Is The E
    Young American Primitive
    Latour: Hypnomania
    D:Ream - You're The Best Thing
    LFO - LFO
    Kemical Kids

    Moby - Next Is The E (This is the cut we played. The one all the DJ's were bangin' at the time)



    Kemical Kids (Listen to the Hellraiser samples)

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