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Thread: Pre-recorded mix: how would you do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlove
    yes, I'd say 'it 's safer to arrange it', but it's more vibrant & energetic if you play on the flow.
    There are a lot of ways in a DAW like Ableton to keep it energetic and vibrant. For example, you can create short asynchronisations at the transition (in appropriate places) to make it look more dynamic: So it runs apart briefly and then back into each other.

    However, one should be fair enough to say that this mix was ultimately produced in a DAW.

    So, as I said, with my music mixes, I don't have the problem of saying that this is the case.

    Quote Originally Posted by KLH
    In the end, most crowds or listeners don't really care as long as the mix has music they like and has the energy they want.
    Complete agreement! If the music tracks in question are well processed and mixed, it doesn't really matter how the mixture was made.
    It has always been my ambition to send the listeners on a musical journey with the mixes.

    Quote Originally Posted by KLH
    Be you and do what you want. There is no spoon.
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