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Thread: Tips/Techniques with quick mixing?

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    Tips/Techniques with quick mixing?


    I am a beginner to Djing and I am wanting to create a 30 minute mix. Does anybody have any tips/techniques for quick mixing? I play House/Tech House music. At the moment I am just mixing intro/outro but want to get as many tracks in as I can in 30 minutes.

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    Will you be doing a live session? Or is it a pre-recorded mix you have in mind?

    I just started a similar themed thread here:

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    If your mix is only 30 minutes, I don't feel you have time to let the whole track play (as it sounds like you're currently doing).

    Instead listen through the tracks you wanna play, then set cue/memory points at the beginning/end of phrases in your tracks, and mix in and out when you feel appropriate

    But don't let the whole track play... imo this is how you should be mixing anyway, have fun!

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