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Thread: What are the laws/regulations (in your area) for events on/around beaches?

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    What are the laws/regulations (in your area) for events on/around beaches?

    To be honest, this is a pretty far-fetched fantasy, but the idea of organizing small pop-up events at random beach locations seems really awesome to me.

    Imagine: Summer evening in a rural, out-of-town beach spot with a simple stage setup and a makeshift dancefloor in the sand, with the sunset above the water as a back drop. How magical would that be!

    I've heard of a few events which have been held on/around beaches, but I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the bylaws/regulations (at least in your city/country) regarding how to go about organizing such an event? Is it allowed at all? What are the challenges? Let's assume no alcohol permits, etc. I'm sure it's quite different in different countries but hey, if there's a country with loose regulations for stuff like this I'd be willing to travel

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    Well letís just start with the music. When you play in a bar or private venue in the USA, they pay license fees that allow you to play music that you donít own the rights to. If you play music in some public space, YOU need to pay those license fees.

    Most public parks and beaches would require that you obtain a permit before holding an event there. As for alcohol... thereís all kinds of obstacles to deal with; even providing food service... not simple or easy. Every community has their own laws and regulations. Good luck; youíve got your work cut out for you.

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