Hey everyone!

Just joined the forum today.
I'm not actually a DJ or even an aspiring one. I am probably not that technically skilled. I'm just some music enthusiast who has recently found the joy of making mixes and working with digital audio for fun. I opened a YouTube channel and started posting 'suites' of classic albums in a non-stop mix fashion, learning about effects, filters and transitions on the way. I am working mainly with rock albums, which is an unsurprisingly lacking genre in here, but that's understandable and fine by me. I have already made 2 electronic music mixes though, one based on a Kraftwerk album ('The Man-Machine', 1978) and the other one on Daft Punk's 'Discovery' (2001). I would gladly share those 2 with you all, but I can't start threads on the mixes forum yet, and I understand the moderators wouldn't like me to post the links here as it would be against the board's rules. Maybe some time in the future. I intend to stay here for a very long time, and I don't want to get banned.

I am here mainly to learn from you guys. To listen to your mixes and get tips and knowledge from them. To discover new music that I may enjoy, as I am not a closed-minded rocker or metalhead, I just like good music. And of course, to ask for advice whenever I need it. That might happen pretty often as I am new to this stuff (I used to create my own 'megamixes' of house and techno music as a kid on cassette, but that doesn't really count, they were home-made and really terrible).

Anyway, glad to be here and meet the very skilled and knowledgeable people roaming around. I just hope to have a good time, learn something new every day if possible, and even help other people as much as my limited skills let me.