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Thread: Traktor s4 mk3 or pioneer rx2?

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    Traktor s4 mk3 or pioneer rx2?

    I don't think i can get the money together to buy the rx2 as the prices for it are crazy

    Is the traktor s4 mk3 a good alternative?

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    The Traktor S4 mk3 is a (great) controller and the XDJ-RX2 is a (great) stand-alone all-in-one unit. This is an apples to oranges comparison... but that won't stop a quick comparison.

    The S4 is fantastic. I actually own one. When connected to Traktor on a computer, it's fantastic. Of course, if anything happens to Traktor on the computer, the controller becomes a basic mixer... and the music generally stops. I have yet to have this happen at a gig - but it could happen. If you are a power computer user who knows how to maintain your OS, then this risk goes down significantly. Still, being able to mix 4 tracks - via jogwheel or DVS or Remix Deck or live input - the flexibility is there.

    The RX2 is also great - mainly because the computer is embedded within the unit. Doing so reduces the complexity of maintaining an OS but does introduce limitations on the number of tracks that the RX2 can store. Also there's less CPU power in the embedded computer, which manifests itself when searching through thousands of tracks. Also, you can only play two tracks. While not a real limitation for most DJs, playing just two tracks max at once (via jogwheels and/or live inputs) might be a limitation for you. Still, there's something to be said for having the equivalent of two CDJs and a DJM mixer without paying the premium for separate components.

    So which are you leaning towards?
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