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    USE SHAZAM OR SOUNDHOUND (or any other equivalent) BEFORE OPENING A NEW THREAD. There is no point making a thread, then waiting an unspecified amount of time for an answer, if you could have identified the music yourself by using one of those applications in the first place.

    If you wish to submit a link from websites that contain a comments section like Youtube or Soundcloud, Mixcloud etc. Make sure you have asked the person who published the content before asking on here, and verify that someone else has asked and not got an answer.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________


    Please specify a genre in the thread title [note: or other members may not bother clicking on your thread, simply for a lack of being specific]

    One request every 10 days maximum, and one request at a time only.

    In Layman's terms: NO MULTIPLE REQUESTS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, DjForums is a forum by DJs, for DJs, not a free Shazam service. Any thread containing more than one ID request, or anything and everything falling foul as per the second request or beyond, gets deleted.

    Trying to circumvent the above in a repeated manner may result in your account being suspended. If one repeatedly does not get the 10 day rule, then one will get a mandatory 10 day time out. Multiple breaches will result in a permanent time out.

    Any links requiring a sign in or subscription will be removed. Not URL shorteners (bitly etc) allowed either.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________


    NO PIRACY, and no trying to slip tracks for self promotion in any way, shape or form whatsoever. Any full tracks made available as a download will be deleted regardless, you may post samples/snippets only. Exceptions will be made for a song or track that is part of a DJ set, or other types of broadcasts.

    When linking to a full DJ set or any other type of broadcast, please do specify the exact time when the track gets heard. If there is no time stamp or any kind of time reference, the thread will be unapproved.

    No poor/low quality samples i.e. sounding like a meat grinder, war zone or any other obscure geriatric wind - at moderators discretion. If it does not sound like something that can be identified, then the thread gets closed.

    Recording yourself humming on your phone is not a good idea either. Please use specific source material.

    Last but not least, and like any other area of the forums:

    Spamming and/or irrelevant, off topic posts will be deleted. The account user will be sanctioned for doing so, and there is definitely no trying.

    Any link leading to any shape or form of spam and/or other prohibited content (i. e. violence, porn) will be deleted.

    Anything facebook and/or social media that does not show an attempt of trying to reach the original poster gets deleted.

    Other forum rules still apply, for specifics please read the FAQ here: >>>>> DjForums rules and guidelines <<<<<

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________

    Happy searching, good luck, and do not forget to rep the person who finds your track.

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