Location 05401. Shoot me a message with any inquiries. Have pics of most of these items.
1-9x12 dual vision screen -600$
1-9x12 dual vision screen (ripped) taped off the rip approx 5" at bottom of screen and have used once in a pinch 450$
1-6x8 dual vision screen with black velour skirt 500$
1-Audiopile DT-400 Drum Microphone-25$
1-EV R300 Wireless Mic Kit-175$
8-LDB-101 | One Channel High Performance Active Direct Input Box-50$ ea
1-Shure Beta 58A Handheld Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone-85$
2-RapcoHorizon PADBLOX Inline Pad with -30 dB Attenuation-10$ ea
2-NIB Shure SM57 Microphone-85$ ea
2-Epson EX6220, WXGA Widescreen HD, 3000 Lumens-250$ ea
1-Epson PowerLite D6155W Widescreen Business Projector 3500 Lumens-200$
1-NIB Denon DJ DS-1 260$
2-Audix OM2 Handheld Vocal Microphone 65$ ea
5-Shure SM58 Handheld Dynamic Vocal Microphone-65$ ea
4-Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument Microphone-65$ ea
2-Sennheiser e 835 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone 70$ ea
2-Audiopiile V-1 | Dynamic Vocal Microphone-35$
1-10ft Ethercon Cable-20$
20-ADJ Products ULTRA HEX PAR3 Low Profile 30w RGBWAUV-70$ ea
1-Whirlwind Medusa Passive Press Box with 1 Line in to 12 Mic out-250$
1-NIB Elation Professional 3K LED Strobe-700$
2-Elation Professional E-FLY Wireless DMX Transceiver-160$ea
6-QSC PLX 3602 power amplifier-640$ ea
1-Mixars Cut dj mixer in Pelican Case-150$
1-Allen & Heath Xone 22 dj mixer-150$
6-Community CPL 27 speakers modified with pole mount-300$ pair
1-Bliss Lights BL-15-200$
2-NIB Mixars Cut mk2 dj mixer-200$ ea
4-ADJ Mega Tri Bar-160$ ea
4-NIB ADJ UB 12H 200$ ea
4-ADJ UV COB Cannon in boxes demo 280$