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Thread: Attaching tabletop facade?

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    Attaching tabletop facade?

    Thinking of building a tabletop façade. Do any of you use any means of attaching the façade to the table? Seems they could get bumped and moved pretty easy.

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    Why not just build a DJ booth?
    Three sheets of plywood, hinges, and some speaker/sub carpet.

    Or pipes and fabric.
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    I dont think a table top facade would be appealing to me. I think the over all design of a facade is not only to hide the equipment but all the cables etc too, so it needs to sit on the floor & come up above the table top.
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    Attaching tabletop facade?

    Mine is not a table-top, nor is it a conventional facade. I call it a floating facade because it attaches to my rack, so when I roll the rack, it goes wherever the rack goes.

    Attaching a table-top facade could be accomplished with the same simple concept, though. I’ll explain.

    At the bottom of my rack, there’s a slider that pulls out and it has a length of U-Channel attached...

    On the bottom of my (folding) floating facade, there’s a piece of square tubing attached, which slides into and fits snugly in the U-Channel...

    In my case, because it’s tall, I have another slider up in the top section of my rack, which has a latch that locks onto the upper section of the floating facade (the upper slider also houses my 4 wireless mic antennas)...

    When it’s done it looks like this...

    When I setup at a venue, I hook up all my gear (cables and cords), and the facade is attached last.

    In your situation, you could screw the U-Channel to the edge of your table, then use a couple of pins to secure the facade to the U-Channel/table.
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